48th Toronto International Film Festival®
September 7-17, 2023

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Oliver Hermanus
Tells the story of Francois van Heerden, a mid-40s, white, Afrikaans-speaking family man living in Bloemfontein, who has become devoid of any ca… 
CastRoeline Daneel, Sue Diepeveen and Charlie Ke…
LanguageAfrikaans   CountrySouth Africa

Joshua Marston
The lives of a teenage boy and his younger sister are thrown into turmoil when a fatal dispute over land pulls their northern-Albanian family in… 
CastTristan Halilaj, Sindi Laçej, Refet Abazi, I…
LanguageAlbanian   CountryAlbania

Ridha Béhi
The contentment of community turns upside down as an American film crew invades its serenity. Seduction, greed, and betrayal devastates them all… 
CastSouhir Ben Amara, Christian Erickson, Anis R…
LanguageArabic   CountryTunisia

Faouzi Bensaïdi
Malik, Allal and Soufiane are three friends who live off pickpocketting in a town stuck between a hill and a large mountain, Tetouan. One day, t… 
CastFehd Benchemsi, Fouad Labiad, Mouchcine Malz…
LanguageArabic   CountryMorocco

Ismaël Ferroukhi
Set in German-occupied Paris in 1942, Younes, an Algerian black marketer, is arrested by the police and agrees to spy on a Parisian mosque suspe… 
CastTahar Rahim, Michael Lonsdale, Mahmoud Shala…
LanguageArabic   CountryFrance, Algeria

Susan Youssef
Re-telling Majnun Layla, an epic poem on a forbidden love marks the first fiction feature set in Gaza. Two Gazan students in the West Bank are f… 
CastKais Nashef, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Yussef Abu Wa…
LanguageArabic   CountryPalestine/United Ara…

Atea Al Daradji, Mohamed Al …
Husham works tirelessly to build the hopes, dreams and prospects of the 32 damaged children of war under his care at a small orphanage in Baghda… 
CastSaif Husham
LanguageArabic   CountryIraq

Tawfik Abu Wael
A lens into the emotional upheaval of a Palestinian couple’s last moments before leaving their native city, Jerusalem, to forge a brighter futur… 
CastLana Haj Yahia, Ali Badarni, Kais Nashif
LanguageArabic   CountryPalestine

Jonathan Sagall
Two women reunite in London, where they go over the details of a life-changing event which occurred when they were teenagers in Jerusalem. Lara… 
CastClara Khoury, Nataly Attiya and Daniel Calta…
LanguageArabic   CountryIsrael, United Kingd…

Ghassan Salhab
As night falls over Beirut, Fadi, a 40-year-old man, packs his bags and sets out for the airport with a friend. Although he has said that he wil… 
CastFadi Abi Samra
LanguageArabic   CountryLebanon

Elle Flanders, Tamira Sawatz…
Presented on six double-sided walls and comprised of a series of short films, Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky’s powerful and beautifully nuanc… 
LanguageArabic   CountryPalestine

Mohamed Asli
Mustafa is an illiterate hairdresser who lives with his blind mother. He runs an underground trade as a middleman facilitating favours in exchan… 
CastMohamed Bastaoui, Houda Rihani, Abdessamad …
LanguageArabic   CountryMorocco

Tamer Ezzat, Ayten Amin, Amr…
On Jan 25th 2011, Egyptians woke up not expecting that the commemoration of the burning of Cairo and ‘Police Day’ would turn into a revolution t… 
CastHosni Mubarak
LanguageArabic   CountryEgypt

Nadine Labaki
A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village. Set against the backdrop of a war-t… 
CastKevin Abboud, Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Julian …
LanguageArabic   CountryLebanon/Egypt

Özcan Alper
A young ethnomusicologist leaves Istanbul and heads to the southeast of Turkey to work on her masters thesis, gathering a collection of Anatolia… 
CastGaye Gursel, Durukan Ordu, Sarkis Seropyan, …
LanguageArmenian   CountryTurkey