You Are Here  [2010]
DirectorDaniel Cockburn
CastShannon Beckner, Jenni Burke, Richard Clarkin, Emily Davidson-Niedoba, Isaac Durnford, Robert Kennedy, Nadia Litz, Anand Rajaram, R.D. Reid, Tracy Wright
A meta-detective story about a reclusive woman who searches for meaning in the mysterious documents that keep appearing to her. Her investigation begins when she finds a tape recording of a man giving a bizarre lecture. Calming and sinister at the same time, he instructs how to ”get where you need to go”. Is this a random find, or a message to her? Another strange document presents itself, and another. Swiftly her home becomes an archive brimming with enigmatic texts, images and sounds. She forms deep connections with the people contained in the documents – the Lecturer, the Prisoner, the Inventor – each of them, like her, struggling with the unknowable laws of their own worlds. But the organizer becomes the organized when her meticulous system turns on her. The archive is a trickster which threatens to pull her mind apart. She must make a final choice: is she a free agent, or just a tool of the archive?
Shot on a variety of formats: 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, RED Camera, P2 HVX, Mini DV, & Beta Max.

“YOU ARE HERE” (2010 feature film directed by Daniel Cockburn)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:18 (78min)
****   EyeWeekly
***˝   Variety
***   IndieWire
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