The Years Of Fierro  [2013]
Los Años De Fierro
DirectorSantiago Esteinou
CastCésar Fierro
An empathetic and powerful documentary portrait of César Fierro, a Mexican convict who has spent thirty years in a Texas prison awaiting his sentence of execution by lethal injection.
The Years of Fierro tells the story of César Fierro, the oldest Mexican prisoner on death row in the United States. César has waited for an execution date for more than 30 years, always insisting that he is innocent. This documentary is a reflection on justice, imprisonment and brotherly love, through the eyes of César and his brother, Sergio. These two brothers hope to meet again, no matter the time or the distance.
Esteinou approaches his subject with subtlety and care, balancing the Fierros' points of view with details of the case presented by César's lawyers and the arresting officer. The Years of Fierro portrays a decayed and dehumanizing legal system, governed by bureaucracy rather than by any imperative to uphold justice.
2014 Screening Schedule
“THE YEARS OF FIERRO” (2013 feature film directed by Santiago Esteinou)
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Runtime1:38 (98min)
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