The World Of Goopi And Bagha  [2013]
Goopi Gawaiiya Bagha Bajaiiya, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
DirectorShilpa Ranade
A captivating animated adaptation of a cherished children’s classic by Satyajit Ray, this timeless fable is the story of Goopi and Bagha, a pair of musicians gifted with magical powers by the King of Ghosts.
Goopi and Bagha are two wise fools; one loves to sing and the other to play the drum. Despite their acute ineptness, their passion for music knows no bounds. When the villagers cannot bear to listen to them anymore, both are banished to the same forest. Here, Goopi and Bagha encounter each other and their fates become entwined for life. A strong and immediate bond is forged by these two hapless souls in search of connoisseurs of their musical craft.
2013 Screening Schedule
“THE WORLD OF GOOPI AND BAGHA” (2013 feature film directed by Shilpa Ranade)
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Runtime1:18 (78min)
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