A Woman In Berlin  [2008]
Anonyma, Eine Frau In Berlin
DirectorMax Färberböck
CastAugust Diehl, Nina Hoss, Juliane Köhler, Sebastian Urzendowsky
Adapted from the international bestseller based on a true story, A Woman in Berlin is directed by Golden Globe nominee Max Färberböck (Aimée & Jaguar). In April 1945, the Red Army invades Berlin; among the chaos, a group of women fall victim to rape in a half-destroyed house. One of them is a former journalist and photographer. In desperation, she decides to find an officer who can protect her. A relationship develops with a Russian officer; soon, what began as an act of self-preservation becomes a complicated and forbidden affair.
2008 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   1112F2
Varsity Cinema
[map]   1317V1


“A WOMAN IN BERLIN” (2008 feature film directed by Max Färberböck)
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LanguageGerman, Russian
CountryGermany, Poland
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