Wavelengths 3 (horizontal Boundaries)  [2008]
Horizontal Boundaries
DirectorRebecca Baron, Chris Gehman, Doug Goodwin, Jim Jennings, T. Marie, Pat O'Neill, Eriko Sonoda, Robert Todd
Eminent multi-disciplinary artist Pat O'Neill, whose work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art (New York) and Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), opens the programme with Horizontal Boundaries (USA); Rebecca Baron and Doug Goodwin's Lossless #2 (USA) is part of a series exploring the effects of digital compression upon the film image; local filmmaker Chris Gehman's Refraction Series (Canada) finds moments of beauty and mystery through the use of optics; Public Domain (USA) is Jim Jennings's response to a controversial New York City bill prohibiting filming in public places; Robert Todd's Dig (USA) reconfigures orange and white Dig Safe marks into a frenetic visual suite; T. Marie's Optra Field III-VI (USA) is a series of dichromatic time-based drawings reminiscent of Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin. Eriko Sonoda's Garden/ing (Japan) confounds a view from a window with an enlarged photograph of that very vista.
2008 Screening Schedule

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CountryCanada, Japan, USA
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