Wavelengths 2: Now & Then  [2013]
Instants, Pepper's Ghost, Man In Motion (homme En Mouvement), Flower, Constellations (konstellationen)
DirectorStephen Broomer, Helga Fanderl, Ruben Glauser, Max Idje, Christophe M. Saber, Hannes Schüpbach, Naoko Tasaka
Proposing simplicity as a radical antidote to today’s fervent desire for intricacy, these films and videos draw upon either a collaborative process or an intimate subjective encounter to explore the correspondence between images and their perception.
Instants, Hannes Schüpbach (16 minutes):
The latest 16mm film by acclaimed artist-filmmaker Hannes Schüpbach explores with exquisite precision the nature of spontaneous time and lasting memory.
Pepper's Ghost, Stephen Broomer (19 minutes):
In a prolonged expression of demystified mystification, an office formerly used for observation studies is transformed into a tunnel of performative, transfixing illusionism by Torontonian filmmaker Stephen Broomer.
Man in Motion, Christophe Saber/Ruben Glauser/Max Idje (3 minutes):
Constructed from the delays in real-time video feedback and recorded onto black-and-white 16mm, this film summons both Muybridge and Duchamp through a hallucinatory mise-en-abyme.
Flower, Naoko Tasaka (21 minutes):
A sphinx-like allegory that plumbs the depths of physical and metaphorical surfaces, Flower hovers between straightforward narration and sublimated abstraction.
Constellations, Helga Fanderl (16 minutes):
Observing the natural world with a profound curiosity, a patient gaze, and an extraordinary ability to capture visual patterns and textures, Super 8 artist Helga Fanderl invites us to bask in the beauty of a fugitive present with this latest collection of 16mm blow-ups.
2013 Screening Schedule

“WAVELENGTHS 2: NOW & THEN” (2013 presentation)
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Runtime1:15 (75min)
CountryCanada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA
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