Wavelengths 1: Variations On...  [2013]
Wavelengths 1: Variations On…, Variations On A Cellophane Wrapper, Pop Takes, Airships, El Adios Largos (the Long Goodbye), The Realist
DirectorKenneth Anger, Andrew Lampert, Luther Price, David Rimmer, Scott Stark
CastJim Bouton, Elliott Gould
The Academy Film Archive's restoration of David Rimmer's Canadian avant-garde classic Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper anchors the first programme of Wavelengths 2013.
Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper, David Rimmer (9 minutes):
Newly restored by the Academy Film Archive, David Rimmer's 1970 avant-garde classic takes a single film fragment of a factory worker unraveling a sheet of cellophane, and alters it through a mesmerizing series of spectral apparitions and alchemical and sonic permutations.
Pop Takes, Luther Price (6 minutes):
A terrific thrift-store find is transformed into a Warholian catwalk, upon which twirling women and jaunty men sashay toward us with decadent, late-seventies zeal.
Airships, Kenneth Anger (9 minutes):
Legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger exhumes newsreel footage of mighty dirigibles hovering ominously in the sky, the filmmaker's characteristic fusion of magick, symbolism, mystery and myth imbuing the already incredible footage with an eerie, supernatural quality.
El Adios Largos, Andrew Lampert (11 minutes):
A speculative restoration of Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye, El Adios Largos is at once an uncanny aesthetic experience and a playful exploration of the philosophical conundrums involved for those working to preserve film history for generations to come.
The Realist, Scott Stark (36 minutes):
A dizzying stereoscopic mannequin melodrama, this entrancing romp conjures retail worlds both familiar and strange, in which chiselled mannequins may in fact be communing with each other amid an overwhelming array of apparel. Consumerist critique, spellbinding operatic fantasy, or both?
2013 Screening Schedule

“WAVELENGTHS 1: VARIATIONS ON…” (2013 presentation)
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Runtime1:11 (71min)
CountryCanada, USA
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