Wavelengths 1: Titans  [2009]
Titan, Two Projects By Frederick Kiesler, 010101, Waterfront Follies, Hotel Roccalba, Puccini Conservato
DirectorJosef Dabernig, Heinz Emigholz, Ernie Gehr, Klaus Lutz, T. Marie, Michael Snow
George Méliès’ playful and eccentric spirit hovers throughout Wavelengths’s opening programme.
Klaus Lutz’s Titan (USA), is a charming, artisanal space odyssey during which the filmmaker doubles as an intrepid astronaut simultaneously creating and voyaging through space.
Heinz Emigholz’s Two Projects by Frederick Kiesler (Austria/Germany) is the latest instalment of his internationally lauded Photography and Beyond series. The film renders homage to this visionary Viennese architect whose wild and wonderful genius was little understood during his lifetime.
T. Marie’s 010101 (USA) is an incredibly meticulous digital painting, offering one minute, one second and one frame of shimmering and breathtaking beauty through its diaphanous and forever-changing palette.
American avant-garde master Ernie Gehr’s stunning Waterfront Follies (USA) is a work of extended sublime that presents a view of the Brooklyn harbour as it is continuously interrupted by the flow of human interaction. The film’s structure and soundtrack work as a reminder of the constant intersections between life’s impulsiveness and beauty.
Likewise, enigmatic human poetry in motion spills forth from Josef Dabernig’s Hotel Roccalba (Austria), a sonata of inactivity starring the filmmaker’s family whose gestures of leisure conspire to operatic heights.
Puccini Conservato (Canada/Italy) by Michael Snow, to whom Wavelengths is dedicated, was commissioned by the Lucca Film Festival for the 150th anniversary of the famous Italian composer’s birth. In this delightful video, the Canadian master offers a witty visual and sonic commentary to Puccini’s La Bohème.
2009 Screening Schedule

“WAVELENGTHS 1: TITANS” (2009 presentation)
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CountryAustria, Canada, Germany, Italy, USA
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