Walkthrough  [2013]
David Cronenberg: Transformation
DirectorLaurel Woodcock
The newest installment of Laurel Woodcock’s site-specific series continues her exploration of the relationship between cinema and the written word by culling slug lines from the screenplays of David Cronenberg’s films and scattering them throughout the galleries of MOCCA.
In her ongoing site-specific series walkthrough, Laurel Woodcock examines the relationship between cinema and the written word. For this newest installment, commissioned for David Cronenberg: Transformation, slug lines culled from Cronenberg's scripts are reproduced in screenplay-standard courier font and placed throughout the gallery. Re-contextualizing these "instructions" that were never meant to be seen, Woodcock presents a cinema stripped of the moving image. The texts slyly infiltrate the exhibition, appearing to comment on and direct the action taking place in the gallery. This performative quality calls attention to the linguistic origins of cinema, in an elegant work that seems to place the viewer in a film of their own creation. walkthrough will be expanded later this fall and installed throughout TIFF Bell Lightbox in conjunction with the exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, opening November 1.
Presented and organized in partnership with MOCCA, 952 Queen Street West. Runs daily, September 5 to 15. Exhibition continues until December 29, 2013.

“WALKTHROUGH” (2013 presentation)
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