Wakening  [2013]
DirectorDanis Goulet
CastGail Maurice, Sarah Podemski
An ancient aboriginal myth told as a post-apocalyptic story, set in the Winter Garden Theatre.
Through the thick fog that obscures the sun, thanks to global warming, Mukwa makes her way through destitute urban streets. She has come from Quadrant 57 (Cree territory) to find the only being who has the power to save humankind – the Witigo. But with time running out the Witigo is Mukwa’s last resort – because the Witigo lives off human flesh.
WAKENING, directed by Danis Goulet, and written by Tony Elliott (ORPHAN BLACK), has landed an unprecedented debut slot, screening just before the highly-anticipated TIFF 2013 opening film, THE FIFTH ESTATE, at The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre.
Wakening is the first independently produced short film ever to launch TIFF’s public opening night gala. Danis Goulet’s short film Barefoot (2012) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Prior to that, her short film Wapawekka (2010) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Wakening will screen as part of "Stage to Screen", a commemorative project marking the 100th anniversary of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre.
2013 Screening Schedule

“WAKENING” (2013 short film directed by Danis Goulet)
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