The Vintner's Luck  [2009]
DirectorNiki Caro
CastVera Farmiga, Jérémie Renier, Gaspard Ulliel
Set in early 19th century France The Vintner's Luck tells the compelling tale of Sobran Jodeau, an ambitious young peasant winemaker and the three loves of his life—his beautiful and passionate wife Celeste, the proudly intellectual baroness Aurora de Valday and Xas, an angel who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Sobran. A fantastical creature with wings that smell of snow, Xas turns out to be an unconventional mentor. Under his guidance Sobran is forced to fathom the nature of love and belief and in the process, grapples with the sensual, the sacred and the profane—all in pursuit of the perfect vintage.
2009 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   1509F2
Cumberland cinema
[map]   1816C3
“THE VINTNER'S LUCK” (2009 feature film directed by Niki Caro)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime2:06 (126min)
CountryFrance, New Zealand
****˝   IMDb
****   SoloTravelerBlog
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