The Vanished Elephant  [2014]
El Elefante Desaparecido
DirectorJavier Fuentes-León
CastTatiana Astengo, Lucho Cáceres, Angie Cepeda, Salvador del Solar
Edo Celeste, a renowned crime novelist, is obsessed with the disappearance of his fiancée during the 2007 earthquake in Peru. Seven years later, an enigmatic woman brings Edo dozens of cryptic photos that will help him solve the mystery of her disappearance.
Taking its title from the Elephant of Mendieta — a rock formation that was swallowed up by the ocean during Peru's 2007 earthquake — The Vanished Elephant uses the framework of a criminal procedural to craft a fascinating reflection on art, obsession, and loss.
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“THE VANISHED ELEPHANT” (2014 feature film directed by Javier Fuentes-León)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:50 (110min)
CountryColombia, Peru
***   TheStar
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