The Valley Below  [2014]
Down In The Valley
DirectorKyle Thomas
CastStephen Bogaert, Mikaela Cochrane, Kris Demeanor, Alana Hawley, Joe Perry, Alejandro Rae, Lori Ravensborg, Mandy Stobo
The Valley Below is a multi-narrative drama that chronicles the life of a small town in the badlands of Alberta over the course of one year. The story is told in four chapters, each focusing on a different set of characters, including a pregnant teenager, a hard-drinking musician, a reclusive taxidermist, and an ambitious police officer. The film's intertwining stories combine to render a rich portrait of rural life in central Alberta.
2014 Screening Schedule
“THE VALLEY BELOW” (2014 feature film directed by Kyle Thomas)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:27 (87min)
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