Tour De Force  [2014]
Hin Und Weg
DirectorChristian Zübert
CastJohannes Allmayer, Volker Bruch, Hannelore Elsner, Florian David Fitz, Julia Koschitz, Victoria Mayer, Miriam Stein, Jürgen Vogel
While on a cycling tour of Belgium, a close-knit group of friends must deal with one of their members’ decision to end his life with dignity, in this poignant and deeply felt drama.
Belgium, of all places! Why visit, if not for the French fries and chocolates? But it is Hannes and his wife Kiki’s turn to decide on the destination of their annual bike trip with their closest friends, so the group sets out with the spirit of adventure. It is only once they are on their way that their friends learn of Hannes’ terminal illness. This trip is to be his last. Initially, the group is at a loss, but then they turn their trip into a wild and unique tour. Through Hannes, they realize how precious life really is, celebrating it like never before.
[Robert Austin, Lecturer at the Munk School’s Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, is an expert on East Central and Southeastern Europe in both historic and contemporary perspective. He will speak about Tour de Force in a Q&A session following the second screening of the film.]
Presented by Robert Austin
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“TOUR DE FORCE” (2014 feature film directed by Christian Zübert)
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Runtime1:35 (95min)
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