To Repel Ghosts: Urban Tales From The African Continent  [2013]
African Metropolis, Homecoming, Berea, To Repel Ghosts, Kwaku Ananse, Noah's Flood (unogumbe - Noye's Fludde)
DirectorJim Chuchu, Mark Dornford-May, Philippe Lacôte, Vincent Moloi, Akosua Adoma Owusu
CastJojo Abot, Karim Adam, Abena Ayivor, Alexandre Desane, Wilson Dunster, Zamile Gantana, Patricia Kihoro, Abdoul Karim Konaté, Pauline Malefane, Mhlekazi Mosiea, Koo Nimo, Elsaphan Njora, Grace Omaboe, Adélaïde Ouattara, Shiv Singh
Beginning with an ambiguous science fiction in Nairobi and ending with a re-enactment of the myth of Noah’s ark in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township, To Repel Ghosts: Urban Tales from the African Continent showcases remarkably uncanny and fiercely contemporary stories, including:
Homecoming, Jim Chuchu, Kenya (11 minutes):
Nothing is what it seems as Max— a nerdy voyeur — turns fiction into truth and the mundane into the unexpected in his quest to get the attention of Alina — the girl next door. The city of Nairobi is threatened with imminent extinction, and now is his chance to save her and verbalize his unspoken desire. A quirky, light-hearted look at obsession and the desire to be seen.
Berea, Vincent Moloi, South Africa (15 minutes):
Long after his friends and family have moved on, Jewish pensioner Aaron Zukerman remains in his inner-city apartment, his world getting ever smaller and smaller, as the city closes in on his memories and happiness. His focus is on a weekly assignation with a kindly prostitute. When her replacement arrives unexpected one Friday, an initially angry response sparks a chain of events that changes the way the old man sees his world.
To Repel Ghosts, Philippe Lacôte, Ivory Coast (20 minutes):
Inspired from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s trip to the Ivory Coast shortly before his passing, To Repel Ghosts casts a young New Yorker of Haitian origin who travels to visit his friend in Abidjan and free himself from hauntings.
Kwaku Ananse, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana/Mexico/USA (26 minutes):
Kwaku Ananse is an intensely personal project that combines contemporary semi-autobiographical elements with the traditional West African folk tale of Kwaku Ananse, a sage who appears as both spider and man.
Noah’s Flood, Mark Dornford-May, South Africa (33 minutes):
Noye's Fludde is Isango Ensemble’s film adaptation of the one act opera by Benjamin Britten. Sung in Xhosa, it follows the traditional story of Noah’s ark but is set in a South African township, with Noah recast as a woman.
2013 Screening Schedule
“TO REPEL GHOSTS: URBAN TALES FROM THE AFRICAN CONTINENT” (2013 short films directed by Jim Chuchu, Vincent Moloi, Philippe Lacôte, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Mark Dornford-May)
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Runtime1:45 (105min)
LanguageFrench, Nouchi, Swahili, Twi, Xhosa
CountryGhana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, South Africa
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