A Time To Stir  [2008]
DirectorPaul Cronin
CastPaul Auster, Carolyn Eisenberg, Tom Hayden, Mark Rudd, Bill Sales
This epic four-hour work looks at the tumultuous events of the Columbia University student strike in 1968 that ended in police violence and signaled a dramatic political shift between old left and new left. The film captures the intoxicating uprising and sobering aftermath, interviewing students, professors and police. Screening on the last day of the Festival, this special Mavericks presentation will include a discussion with three active participants of the strike: Mark Rudd of Students for a Democratic Society (who later was a member of the Weather Underground), Bill Sales of the Student Afro-American Society and Carolyn Eisenberg, who served on the strike committee.
Presented by Paul Cronin
2008 Screening Schedule

“A TIME TO STIR” (2008 feature film directed by Paul Cronin)
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CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
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