Three Landscapes / Song / Spring  [2013]
DirectorNathaniel Dorsky, Peter Hutton
Three Landscapes, Peter Hutton (47 minutes):
A silent film study of human figures on three distinct landscapes in the world. Detroit, Michigan, the Hudson River Valley, and the Dallol Depression in northeastern Ethiopia. Shot on 16mm, this wondrous silent film study from avant-garde master Peter Hutton (At Sea) observes human movement across three distinct landscapes: Detroit, along the Hudson River Valley and in the Dallol Depression in Ethiopia.
Song, Nathaniel Dorsky (18 minutes):
Shot in San Francisco from autumn of last year through the winter solstice, Nathaniel Dorsky's Song evinces a cool, mysterious tone as it captures the pulse (supernal at 18fps) of the city. “Song was photographed in San Francisco from early October through the winter solstice in late December, 2012.” –N.D.
Spring, Nathaniel Dorsky (23 minutes):
Nathaniel Dorsky's Spring conjures an abundant return of light and a retreat into nature so dense and rich that the film itself becomes a sort of wondrous garden-verdant, incandescent, with startling bursts of colour. “Spring was photographed during the months following the winter solstice. I wanted to see if I could make a film that was in itself a garden, a film that, like the world of plants, would yearn and stretch in the oncoming light.” –N.D.
2013 Screening Schedule
“THREE LANDSCAPES / SONG / SPRING” (2013 presentation)
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Runtime1:28 (88min)
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