The Terence Davies Trilogy  [1984]
Children, Madonna And Child, Transfiguration
DirectorTerence Davies
CastRobin Hooper, Phillip Maudsley, Terry O'Sullivan, Nick Stringer
The work of director Terence Davies is admired for its honesty, consummate craftsmanship and ability to convey deep emotion through the moving image. In memory of former programmer David Overbey, Davies comes to Toronto for the first time in eight years to present The Terence Davies Trilogy (1984). Originally three medium-length films (Children, Madonna and Child, Death and Transfiguration), all of which had the same protagonist, the feature-length trilogy follows Robert Tucker from childhood to death, illustrating a lifetime struggle between Robert’s sexuality and his Catholic family background. Acclaimed for the unique cinematic language of his work from The Terence Davies Trilogy to Of Time and the City, receiving its North American Premiere at TIFF08, Davies is recognizable as one of the world’s most passionate and original filmmakers.
Presented by Terrence Davies
2008 Screening Schedule
Varsity Cinema
[map]   0818V4
“THE TERENCE DAVIES TRILOGY” (1984 feature film directed by Terence Davies)
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CountryUnited Kingdom
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