The Strange Case Of Angelica  [2010]
O Estranho Caso De Angélica
DirectorManoel de Oliveira
CastPilar López de Ayala, Luís Miguel Cintra, Isabel Ruth, Leonor Silveira, Ricardo Trêpa, Filipe Vargas
Set in the 1950s, a photographer is asked by hotel owners to take portraits of their recently deceased daughter.
Manoel de Oliveira, a 101-year-old filmmaker, returns to the Douro River, the site of his first short, Douro Faina Fluvial, to create a surprising tale about a metaphysical love that defies reason. Photographer Isaac becomes smitten when he is called to take the last picture of the beautiful Angelica. Although she is dead, when he looks at her through his viewfinder she becomes animated and lively.
“THE STRANGE CASE OF ANGELICA” (2010 feature film directed by Manoel de Oliveira)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:35 (95min)
****   EyeWeekly
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