Story Of My Death  [2013]
Historia De La Meva Mort
DirectorAlbert Serra
CastVincenç Altaió, Jordi Pau Costa, Xavier Pau, Noelia Rodenas, Lluis Serrat, Montse Triola, Clara Visa
Following his radical (re-)interpretations of Cervantes' Don Quixote (Honor de Cavalleria) and the Biblical tale of the Three Kings (Birdsong), celebrated Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra imagines an encounter between two other legendary figures of world literature — Casanova and Count Dracula — in this deliciously eccentric and exquisitely detailed riff on the historical costume drama.
Loosely based on the autobiography of Casanova, the film depicts the journeys of the famous libertine from the joyful, sensual and rationalistic 18th century Europe to his last days where violence, sex and dark romanticism reigned.
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“STORY OF MY DEATH” (2013 presentation)
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Runtime2:28 (148min)
**   HollywoodReporter
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