Stone Of Destiny  [2008]
DirectorCharles Martin Smith
CastBilly Boyd, Robert Carlyle, Charlie Cox, Brenda Fricker, Kate Mara
Based on a true story. Stone of Destiny re-creates the legendary tale of four Glasgow University students who plotted to retrieve the 300- pound Stone of Destiny, the ancient coronation stone of the Scots. Seized by England’s Edward I in 1296, the stone was kept in Westminster Abbey and fitted into St. Edward’s Chair, upon which English monarchs were crowned for centuries. The stone would not leave England until four friends, passionate, determined and fueled by a combination of patriotism and the fire of youth, made their way to London on Christmas Eve, 1950, to reclaim this symbol of their heritage. All of them rank amateurs, they aim to steal the stone from right under the noses of the English police.
2008 Screening Schedule
Roy Thomson Hall
[map]   1320RT
“STONE OF DESTINY” (2008 feature film directed by Charles Martin Smith)
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CountryCanada, United Kingdom
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