Somersault In A Coffin  [1996]
Tabutta Rövasata
DirectorDervis Zaim
CastAysen Aydemir, Mahmut Benek, Ahmet Cediladirci, Baris Celiloglu, Tuncel Kurtiz, Ahmet Ugurlu
Mahsun Supertitiz is an unemployed homeless man who steals cars at night so that he can sleep in a heated place during the winter. Mahsun lives in Rumelihisar, an old section of Istanbul, and makes ends meet by getting the local fishermen to help him. Mahsun loves the cars he robs, cleans and polishes them, and drives them through the streets of Rumelihisar during the daytime.
“SOMERSAULT IN A COFFIN” (1996 feature film directed by Dervis Zaim)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:16 (76min)
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