Soft Rains #6: Suburban Horror (part 1)  [2003]
DirectorJennifer McCoy, Kevin McCoy
The Soft Rains series consist of miniature robotic film sets that recreate familiar cinema archetypes and genres.
For this work, the McCoys created a tiny diorama of an unsettling suburban idyll inspired by David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986), film # 92 on The Essential 100 list.
Live video cameras trained on this diorama create an endlessly looping video sequence, presented on a nearby projection screen.
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are a Brooklyn-based couple who work with interactive media, film, performance and installation to explore personal experience in relation to new technology, the mass media, and global commerce.
Presented in collaboration with The Royal Ontario Museum’s Institute for Contemporary Culture, 100 Queen’s Park.
“SOFT RAINS #6: SUBURBAN HORROR (PART 1)” (2003 feature film directed by Jennifer McCoy, Kevin McCoy)
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