Short Cuts Programme 09  [2016]
The Road To Webequie / Paraya (foreigner) / Decorado / Wild Skin (la Peau Sauvage) / Small Fry / Transition (tranzicija)
DirectorTess Girard, Sheetal Magan, Eva Michon, Martín Morgenfeld, Ryan Noth, Milica Tomovic, Alberto Vázquez
CastJovana Belovic, Mpumelelo Bhulose, Marilyn Castonguay, Jasna Djuricic, Aleksandar Gligoric, Robert Gonera, Boris Isakovic, Hemish Kyd, Alexis Lefebvre, Anita Mancic, Joy Mbwena, Mishqah Parthiephal, Nikola Rakocevic, Lucia Santina Ribisi, Milica Stefanovic, Milica Trifunovic, Ivana Vukovic
The Road to Webequie - A mining company has promised to create opportunities for the remote Webequie First Nation. Through the eyes of three youths facing an uncertain future, this observational yet expansive documentary shows the struggles — and hopes — of a community confronting challenges that many Canadians will never experience.
Paraya (Foreigner) - A troubled young mother drifts through the bustling city of Durban in search of the disappeared father of her child. Paraya portrays a woman’s attempt to shape her future.
Decorado - From the brilliant mind of award-winning director Alberto Vázquez comes the animated vision of a world gone mad. Is this bizarre dystopian landscape real? Or are we all just living through set pieces in some strange movie?
Wild Skin (La peau sauvage) - In this adaptation of a story by Quebec writer Fannie Loiselle, a solitary woman’s encounter with a baby python triggers a remarkable process of transformation and liberation. Fuelled by Marilyn Castonguay’s mesmerizing performance, Ariane Louis-Seize’s film is both sensual and surreal.
Small Fry - A car ride gets bumpier for an American teenager trying to bond with her dad while visiting him in Poland. This consistently surprising two-hander makes the most of a breakout turn by Lucia Santina Ribisi and a hard-rocking musical interlude.
Transition (Tranzicija) - Jana prepares to leave her family for a new life across the Atlantic. But her carefully crafted plans can’t cover up the secrets she has so expertly kept hidden from her family, and the façade is in danger of crumbling.
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 09” (2016 short films directed by Ryan Noth and Tess Girard, Sheetal Magan and Martín Morgenfeld, Alberto Vázquez, Eva Michon, Milica Tomovic)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:30 (90min)
LanguageEnglish, Hindi, Serbian, Spanish, Zulu
CountryCanada, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, USA
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