Short Cuts Programme 08  [2016]
The Hedonists / Battalion To My Beat / Andy Goes In / The Last Leatherman Of The Vale Of Cashmere / Fluffy (flafi)
DirectorEimi Imanishi, Greg Loser, Josh Polon, Jia Zhang-ke
CastMariam Omar Ahmed, Bern Cohen, Slavisa Curovic, Slaven Doslo, Helena Jakovljevic, Liang Jingdong, Tamara Krcunovic, Katarina Markovic, Srdjan Miletic, Nikola Radulovic, Han Sanming, Ljiljana Stjepanovic, Fedja Stojanovic, Yuan Wenqian
The Hedonists - What begins as an everyday tragedy about the hard lot of workers in our age of economic volatility becomes something unexpected in this sly and visually sumptuous satire by Chinese master Jia Zhang-ke.
Battalion To My Beat - A restless and rebellious teen girl feels confined by the restrictive duties of daily life in a Saharawi refugee camp — and runs away to join the army, seeking to liberate both her people and herself.
Andy Goes In - In this riveting documentary by Josh Polon, a very unconventional activist conducts an undercover mission to expose the shocking culture of abuse at a factory farm.
The Last Leatherman of the Vale of Cashmere - Brooklyn’s Vale of Cashmere has long served its community as a place for men looking to meet other men. But changing times mean a new purpose for the Vale, to the chagrin of a leather-clad old-timer.
Fluffy (Flafi) - Boris and his family are preparing to leave his hypochondriac parents and their impossibly tiny Belgrade flat for a long-awaited new life in Canada. However, his 10-year-old daughter Ljubica has entered a contest that is about to subvert everyone’s plans.
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 08” (2016 short films directed by Jia Zhang-ke, Eimi Imanishi,Josh Polon, Greg Loser)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:33 (93min)
LanguageArabic, English, Mandarin, Serbian
CountryAlgeria, Canada, China, Serbia, USA
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