Short Cuts Programme 04  [2016]
Snip / Import / Half A Man (po Covika) / The Taste Of Vietnam (le Goût Du Vietnam) / Red Of The Yew Tree (if Ou Le Rouge Perdu) / All Rivers Run To The Sea (toate Fluviile Curg În Mare)
DirectorAlexandru Badea, Terril Calder, Kristina Kumric, Ena Sendijarevic, Marie-Hélène Turcotte
CastJanja Avdagic, Joseph Boyden, Aya Crnic, Victoria Diamond, Alena Dzebo, Esma Hrusto, Tatiana Iekel, Mario Knezovic, Jean-Simon Leduc, Catalina Moga, Daniel Popa, Leonarda Zivkovic
SNIP - In this richly layered stop-motion animation, written and narrated by award-winning author Joseph Boyden, Annie and Gordon travel through a portal in time to help two children escape the horrors of residential school.
Import - A family of Bosnian refugees must try to make sense of life in their small Dutch village. The sly observation of this comedic short reveals the Kafkaesque illogic of the immigration process.
Half A Man (Po covika) - Two sisters in 1991 Croatia prepare a special homecoming for their father on the day he’s set to return after three months as a prisoner of war. Kristina Kumric crafts a powerful portrait of a family that’s just beginning to see the damage it’s suffered.
The Taste of Vietnam (Le goût du Vietnam) - Arnaud is doing all he can to make Chloe’s last night in town memorable. In their final hours together, the two reveal more about themselves than intended, making for an unusually astute tale of millennial romance.
Red of the Yew Tree (If ou le rouge perdu) - A pheasant hunt becomes a spellbinding elemental odyssey in animator Marie-Hélène Turcotte’s visionary rendering of femininity and intuition.
All Rivers Run to the Sea (Toate fluviile curg în mare) - Stung by the absurd administration process regarding the practicalities of his mother’s passing, Radu is having a hard time in this beautiful and evocative examination of what it means to say goodbye.
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 04” (2016 short films directed by Terril Calder, Ena Sendijarevic, Kristina Kumric, Marie-Hélène Turcotte, Alexandru Badea)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:33 (93min)
LanguageBosnian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Romanian
CountryCanada, Croatia, Netherlands, Romania
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