Short Cuts Programme 03  [2016]
Dadyaa / Whispering Breeze (l'air De Vent) / Sandy Beach / Next / Second To None / Semiliberi / Late Night Drama (drame De Fin De Soirée) / A Funeral For Lightning
DirectorBibhusan Basnet, Emily Kai Bock, Elena Brodach, Vincent Gallagher, Matteo Gentiloni, Pooja Gurung, Patrice Laliberté, Thanos Papastergiou, Jonathan Tremblay
CastDenis Bondarenko, Alessandra Castelli, Caylin Cervetti, Benoît Côté, Chham Kala Damai, Parimal Damai, Nicole DesRoches, Agnese Emiliozzi, Karl Farah, Daniel Allen Frazier Jr., Mara Joly, Guillaume Laurin, Sasha Migliarese, Miriam Sekhon, Annie Williams
Dadyaa - In their remote village, haunted by memories, Atimaley and Devi find themselves faced with a dilemma when a dear friend leaves without saying goodbye.
Whispering Breeze (L'Air de vent) - In this captivating ode to the beauty of childhood and the pain of exile, director Jonathan Tremblay combines black-and-white images of a coastal town with the imagined words of an elderly woman who longs to see her home once more.
Sandy Beach - A woman’s usual Sunday trip to the shore with her father is more a lesson in practicality than cause for enjoyment. Even once she’s settled into the calming rhythm of the ocean, she becomes increasingly anxious about her familial duty.
Next - After rising from the bed where her nude lover still sleeps, a woman has a mysterious response to the tableau vivant she left behind. Artistry and elegance distinguish this nocturnal vignette by Moscow’s Elena Brodach.
Second to None - Being the world’s second-oldest man might be enough of a claim to fame for some, but not for the protagonist of this delightfully black comedy.
Semiliberi - A taciturn inmate in a women’s prison, Alessandra prefers to set herself apart from the behind-bars community. But when she notices another prisoner’s unusual scheme — one involving packages that surreptitiously arrive in the prison yard — she finds a chance to change her circumstance.
Late Night Drama (Drame de fin de soirée) - Patrice Laliberté — director of Overpass, the 2015 winner of the Short Cuts Award for Best Canadian Short Film — returns with a virtuosic piece of cinematic storytelling that’s as explosive as the rage driving the young man at its centre.
A Funeral For Lightning - Seven months pregnant and stuck in a sleepy corner of Tennessee, a young woman begins to see through the promises made by her charismatic husband. Every moment of Emily Kai Bock’s quietly wrenching film is infused with emotions both light and dark.
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 03” (2016 short films directed by Pooja Gurung and Bibhusan Basnet, Jonathan Tremblay, Thanos Papastergiou, Elena Brodach, Vincent Gallagher, Matteo Gentiloni, Patrice Laliberté, Emily Kai Bock)
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Runtime1:35 (95min)
LanguageFrench, Greek, Italian, Nepali
CountryCanada, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Nepal, Russia, USA
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