Short Cuts Programme 02  [2016]
Blind Vaysha / The Smoke / Imitations / Because The World Never Stops (studio 5) / Mariner / Cul-de-sac / In The Hills
DirectorRebecca Addelman, Maximilien Van Aertryck, Hamid Ahmadi, Axel Danielson, Milos Mitrovic, Damon Russell, Thyrone Tommy, Theodore Ushev, Fabian Velasco
CastChristina Brucato, Shawn Christensen, Albert Chung, Alli Chung, Joseph DeVito, Caroline Dhavernas, Michael Drayer, Sarah Emes, Avery Finn, Dawn Greenhalgh, Chris Hoffman, Mara Kassin, Matthew Kennedy, Alison Louder, Milos Mitrovic, Shahram Navard, Thomas Olajide, Joe Perrino, Liisa Repo-Martell, Dina Shihabi, Conor Sweeney, Ali Tataryn, Phoebe Tonkin, Ryan Willard, Rod Wilson, Tom Young
Blind Vaysha - With one eye that can only see the past and one that can only see the future, a girl is tormented by two irreconcilable realities. Blind Vaysha is a vivid and gorgeously crafted 3D fable about living in the present.
The Smoke - In this hilariously acerbic slice of middle-age malaise, a woman returns to her hometown for a bat mitzvah and becomes stuck in the abyss of mortification that only family can deliver so well.
Imitations - A devoted superfan of the biggest pop star in the world gets plastic surgery to look exactly like his hero — but the botched operation turns his dream into a gruesome nightmare in this campy satire of celebrity obsession.
Because The World Never Stops (Studio 5) - When we tune into a newscast, we expect a reassuring authority, but is what we see anything other than a performance? Shot behind the scenes during a live broadcast, Because the World Never Stops is a revelatory look at the hidden side of the evening news.
Mariner - Mariner is a taut and unsettling drama about an ambitious marine navigation cadet on the verge of cracking during his final exams. The recruit is haunted by an incident from his past — and fights to find a way to turn his personal demons into a source of strength.
Cul-De-Sac - In the latest stunner by the team behind the Academy Award–winning short Curfew, a married couple’s bubble of suburban normality is punctured when they find a surprise inside their toddler’s teddy bear. What ensues is a tense and crafty thriller that doesn’t let a single moment go to waste.
In the Hills - Shahram tends a fish 'n' chips shop in the English countryside. A relatively new immigrant, he’d like to feel more a part of his community. However, the means by which he hopes to fit in are themselves anything but "normal".
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 02” (2016 short films directed by Theodore Ushev, Rebecca Addelman, Fabian Velasco and Milos Mitrovic, Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson, Thyrone Tommy, Damon Russell, Hamid Ahmadi)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:33 (93min)
LanguageEnglish, Swedish
CountryCanada, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
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