Short Cuts Programme 01  [2016]
Samedi Cinema / Cleo / 3-way (not Calling) / Cycles / Nutag - Homeland / Tshiuetin (north Wind) / Night Dancing / Romantik / The Pine Tree Villa (eine Villa Mit Pinien)
DirectorJoe Cobden, Barney Cokeliss, Mamadou Dia, Jan Koester, Molly McGlynn, Mateusz Rakowicz, Alisi Telengut, Sanja Zivkovic
CastMarc Bendavid, Kristian Bruun, Joe Cobden, Emily Coutts, Romina D'Ugo, Cheikh Anta Diong, Yéla Diop, Modou Diouf, Marni Van Dyk, Johanna Gagern, Laura Harris, Emma Hunter, Fallou Keita, Nina Kiri, Christoph Letkowski, Assane Lo, Saikou Lo, Paolo Massini, Andrew Pimento, Samer Salem, Anna Luisa Schmidt, Penda Daly Sy, Justyna Wasilewska, Robert Wieckiewicz
Samedi Cinema - In northern Senegal, a couple of resourceful young cinephiles hatch a plan to raise the cash for a couple of movie tickets before the local cinema closes. The two leads in this heartwarming tale about the bonds of friendship are a sheer delight.
Cleo - When Cleo goes to buy a cellphone she saw advertised on Craigslist, she keeps her guard up, unsure of her new surroundings — and of the anonymous seller’s motives — in this surprisingly tender urban drama.
3-Way (Not Calling) - Mel talks her boyfriend into a threesome on the eve of a milestone birthday — and they get involved with a Tinder-fatigued millennial who wants in on the comforts of their relationship. 3-Way (Not Calling) cleverly and comically exposes the flip-flop of eros and domesticity.
CYCLES - Playful choreography, set to bright piano harmonies by Russian composer G. I. Gurdjieff, tells the story of a man reliving the memories of a failed relationship over and over, stuck in a circle of doubt and grief.
Nutag (Homeland) - During World War II, the Kalmyk people of the Soviet Union were forcibly relocated to Siberia, and nearly half of them died before the return home some 14 years later. This magnificently hand-painted visual poem is a heart-wrenching lament expressing loss and longing.
Tshiuetin (North Wind) - A trip on an Indigenous-owned train line in northern Québec, shot in exquisite black and white, becomes an eloquent symbol of the pride and dignity that come with autonomy.
Night Dancing - Every night, Bob is transfixed by the vision of a woman dancing outside his window; every morning, he struggles to make sense of it. The line between a leap (of faith) and a pas de deux grows increasingly fine as the dance beckons.
Romantik - Stanislav has everything planned out perfectly. He begins by blindfolding his beloved Zosia for a mysterious and romantic journey to Paris. But Stanislav has forgotten about Murphy’s Law, and soon the dream weekend becomes a nightmare. Can love survive?
The Pine Tree Villa (Eine Villa mit Pinien) - Lion and Bird walk through Berlin, past a long-uninhabited villa where, surprisingly, lights burn in the windows. Curiosity drives Lion inside, and though caution compels Bird to stay behind, he must fight to save his friend from danger when an extraordinary world emerges from the shadows.
2016 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 01” (2016 short films directed by Mamadou Dia, Sanja Zivkovic, Molly McGlynn, Joe Cobden, Alisi Telengut, Barney Cokeliss, Mateusz Rakowicz, Jan Koester)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:34 (94min)
LanguageEnglish, French, Fulah, German, Pulaar, Wolof
CountryCanada, France, Germany, Poland, Senegal, USA
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