Short Cuts Canada Programme 6  [2013]
Anatomy Of Assistance, Drop, Firecrackers, Foreclosure, Lay Over, Paradiso
DirectorCory Bowles, Chris Goldade, Jordan Hayes, Jasmin Mozaffari, Wayne Robinson, Devan Scott
CastShamier Anderson, Clé Bennett, Jan Bos, Christian Bower, Kingslee Christie, Peter Ciuffa, Raven Dauda, Massimo Frau, Alissa Hansen, Dylan Harvey, Jordan Hayes, Darcey Johnson, Keeya King, Charles Lysne, Matthew Owen Murray, Kristopher Nielsen, Vanessa Orford, Noah Reid, Zak Sayer, Lindsay Smith, Vic Stapel, Kirk Wilson, Adam J. Wright
Community, friends and family form life's essential networks. Some of the most adventurous films of the year explore the complications of starting anew, of keeping up or forging ahead.
Anatomy of Assistance, Cory Bowles
A rebellious teen sets off a fateful chain of events in this satirical send-up of the politics of academic administration.
Drop, Chris Goldade
A World War II paratrooper and a suburban slacker share a bizarre encounter in this sharply conceived and delightfully acted comedy.
Firecrackers, Jasmin Mozaffari
Newcomer Jazmin Moffari directs this bittersweet portrait of friendship and frustrated ambition, about a pair of Northern Ontario BFFs who dream of making it big in the city.
Foreclosure, Wayne Robinson
An introverted corporate up-and-comer finds himself seriously distracted by his colleagues’ naked antics in Wayne Robinson’s playful portrait of psychological vulnerability in the modern workplace.
Lay Over, Jordan Hayes
In Jordan Hayes’ vibrant miniature variation on Before Sunrise, two young travelers cross paths during a layover in Los Angeles.
Paradiso, Devan Scott
Amidst the chaos of the Biblical Armageddon, an ascending soul struggles to save his hell-bound brother in this fanciful slice of Monty Python-esque absurdity.
2013 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 6” (2013 short films directed by Cory Bowles, Chris Goldade, Jasmin Mozaffari, Wayne Robinson, Jordan Hayes, Devan Scott)
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Runtime1:18 (78min)
LanguageEnglish, French
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