Short Cuts Canada: Programme #6  [2012]
DirectorVincent Biron, Kyle Humphrey, Frieda Luk, Aaron Phelan, Chloe Robichaud, Nik Sexton, Graydon Sheppard, Patrick Sisam, Jonathan Williams
How to be Deadly, Nik Sexton, ON, 16’ North American Premiere
Donnie Dumphy is vulgar, harmless, a hoser, an underdog and a loyal friend; but he’s also broken-hearted. On the eve of St. John’s biggest dirt bike competition of the year, he will live a thousand lives.
Dear Scavengers, Aaron Phelan, ON, 9’ World Premiere
A no-nonsense used-appliance shop owner is forced to contend with a phalanx of tween girls entering his store during a summer camp scavenger hunt. Hrant Alianak’s performance as the anti-social proprietor Hector hits deadpan comedic perfection in this urban tale about generation gaps and bargain-priced stoves.
Herd Leader (Chef de meute) Chloe Robichaud, QC, 13’ Canadian Premiere
Clara leads a solitary life, much to the chagrin of her meddling family. Her spinster aunt’s untimely passing leads to Clara’s inheritance of a disobedient pug. Learning to live with man’s best friend might teach her a few new tricks.
American Sisyphus, Frieda Luk, ON, 7’ World Premiere
The modern-day Sisyphean sentence is represented here as punishment for gluttony when a dysfunctional family meets over Sunday brunch. A well-designed commentary on an overindulgent society, American Sisyphus addresses a culture’s insatiable consumption.
Horrible Things (Les choses horrible), Vincent Biron, QC, 12’ World Premiere
Nothing says “I’m sorry” like a thoughtful present. But for Dede, Carole and Steve, their attempts to make amends and assuage their guilt with gift-giving fall comically short. Winner of the Award for Best Canadian Short Film at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, Vincent Biron blends three thematically linked stories with a keen eye for dark comedy and sympathy for deeply flawed characters.
The Pool Date, Patrick Sisam, ON, 7’ World Premiere
Straight, white and Canadian, Nigel (Mike Beaver) is on a sunny vacation in South America. Hanging by a pool surrounded by sexy young people, his physique clashes — but Nigel remains unfazed. When Rio takes his chair (and possibly his cocktail), he is determined to get it back. A quiet territorial battle opens questions of sexual desire and invitation.
CanoeJacked, Jonathan Williams, ON, 6’ World Premiere
Two prisoners escape through the woods while being chased by a policeman. They’re in luck: a canoe is left by the waterside, but its owner, a nudist, wants it back. With no plan — and bullets flying in their direction — the trio must find a way out of what they’ve started.
Shit Girls Say, Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, ON, 2’ World Premiere
Toronto actors, filmmakers and internet phenomenons Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey premiere their new Shit Girls Say episode on the big screen. Their original film-turned-YouTube sensation produced an onslaught of playful gender and/or culturally specific behaviour “Shit (insert gender+culture) Say” videos from all corners of the world and web.
2012 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME #6” (2012 short films directed by Nik Sexton, Aaron Phelan, Chloe Robichaud, Frieda Luk, Vincent Biron, Patrick Sisam, Jonathan Williams, Graydon Sheppard, Kyle Humphrey)
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Runtime1:08 (68min)
****   Pressplus1
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