Short Cuts Canada Programme 5  [2014]
DirectorSol Friedman, Slater Jewell-Kemker, Arlen Konopaki, François Leduc, Frieda Luk, Santiago Menghini, Grayson Moore
CastCharles Sirard Blouin, Jean-Guy Boulianne, John Boylan, Christian Capozzoli, Tristan Gabriel Chaput, Richard Clarkin, Sarianne Cormier, Isabelle Ernoult, Alain Gendreau, Giacomo Gianniotti, Arlen Konopaki, Lynda Lapierre, Michel Maillot, Anton Obeid, Sarah Orenstein, Emily Piggford, Laurent Prache, Peter Spence, Mike Wilmot, Joshua Young
From a wildly reimagined recounting of Noah’s Ark to a chilling tale of invisible intruders, these shorts explore the darker sides of our existence.
Day 40
The story of Noah’s Ark has been told in countless ways, but few have ever envisioned the tale from the animals’ perspective. In this darkly comic and animated account, the assorted fauna reveal their decidedly unholy natures as the water rises ever higher.
Del Ciego Desert
"An eye for an eye" takes on new meaning in this stylized western about two feuding families who decide to end things once and for all with a duel in the desert. Flashbacks reveal the fallout between the clans in this satirical duster that winks at the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone.
The Encounter
Following an assault on a young woman, we track her attacker through the streets of Paris. Quietly yet with a growing sense of fear, Frieda Luk’s film takes us into unknown territory.
In the dark just before the dawn, a woman has died in her small suburban home, her death caused by some mysterious, intangible entity looming over the town — a presence that has only just begun to make itself felt. A chilling, brilliantly controlled evocation of the inexplicable forces that have the power to destroy our lives.
Last Night
A man believes his roommate jacked off on him during the night, even though the accused vehemently denies it. A painstakingly logical debate that ensues is absurd, hilarious, and all too believable.
Running Season
Severed feet in running shoes have been washing up on the shores of Prince Edward Island — which, unfortunately for Arthur Zimmer, has resulted in the devaluing of his late father’s seaside house. Anxious to sell it and move on, he is now faced with the vultures ready to snap it up at a lower price. With his carefully constructed script and aptitude for slow-building tension, Grayson Moore proves himself a welcome new cinematic voice.
In this psychological thriller with a sci-fi twist, a young couple takes a break from a road trip to walk through a wintery forest — where it soon becomes clear that their relationship is based on dangerously unbalanced power dynamics
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 5” (2014 short films directed by Sol Friedman, François Leduc, Frieda Luk, Santiago Menghini, Arlen Konopaki, Grayson Moore, Slater Jewell-Kemker)
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Runtime1:19 (79min)
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