Short Cuts Canada Programme 5  [2013]
The Chaperone 3d, Crime: Joe Loya - The Beirut Bandit, The End Of Pinky, An Extraordinary Person (quelqu'un D'extraordinaire), Impromptu, Numbers & Friends, Roland
DirectorBruce Alcock, Claire Blanchet, Alexander Carson, Monia Chokri, Sam Chou, Alix Lambert, Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone
CastDaniel Beirne, Émilie Bibeau, Atli Bollason, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Evelyne Brochu, Sophie Cadieux, Alexander Carson, Benjamin Carson, Marylin Castonguay, Lindsey Clark, Trevor Cornish, Stefan Czernatowicz, Richard Denison, Anne Dorval, Émilie Gilbert, Laurence Leboeuf, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Jordan McCloskey, Chris McMahon, Alice Moran, Fred Nguyen, Heather O'Neill, Yue Qi, Darius Russell, Patricia Vanstone, Ralph Whims
Friends and criminals — and their chance encounters — link this programme to make keen observations that, from coast to coast, we’re not always as easy going and apologetic as we might claim.
The Chaperone 3D, Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone
A DJ and a former teacher recall the stranger-than-fiction night that motorcycle gang crashed a middle school dance in this once-of-a-kind 3D animated documentary.
CRIME: Joe Loya - The Beirut Bandit, Alix Lambert, Sam Chou
Joe Loya, former bank robber and author of The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell, recalls the first time he robbed a bank, in this noirish animated short from acclaimed directors Sam Chou and Alix Lambert.
The End of Pinky, Claire Blanchet
Claire Blanchet directs this visually stunning stereoscopic animation, adapted from Heather O’Neills eponymous slice of Montreal noir.
An Extraordinary Person (Quelqu'un d'extraordinaire), Monia Chokri
Actor Monia Chokri makes her directorial debut with this winning chronicle of a bachelorette party that descends into a bitter war of words.
Impromptu, Bruce Alcock
Director Bruce Alcock takes his inspiration from Chopin’s eponymous composition in this wonderful 3D animation, which pays tribute to the moments of beautiful chaos that can spring suddenly from the mundane.
Numbers & Friends, Alexander Carson
This first-person essay film puts viewers in the headspace of a young European as he attempts to immerse himself in North American culture via an obsessive devotion to baseball statistics.
Roland, Trevor Cornish
A typically cordial store manager rapidly loses his cool when a customer insists on using the staff-only washroom, in this riotous comedy from Trevor Cornish.
2013 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 5” (2013 short films directed by Fraser Munden and Neil Rathbone, Alix Lambert and Sam Chou, Claire Blanchet,  Monia Chokri, Bruce Alcock, Alexander Carson)
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Runtime1:18 (78min)
LanguageEnglish, French
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