Short Cuts Canada Programme 4  [2014]
DirectorScott Brachmayer, Tony Elliott, Alexander Farah, Alain Fournier, Rob Grant, Ryan J. Noth
CastAaron Abrams, Scott Brachmayer, Louis-Philippe Dandenault, Behtash Fazlali, Sarah Fortin, Aidan Greene, Alex Harrouch, Christine Horne, Nyla Innuksuk, Connor Jessup, Joey Klein, Tennille Read, Marcel Sabourin, Mohammad Sarwari, Craig Stewart, Rossif Sutherland, Panthea Vatandoost, Soheila Vatandoost
Working in a wide variety of modes and genres — from documentary to animation, science fiction and folktales — the filmmakers in this programme address questions of culture and generational clashes, death and rebirth.
Broken Face
In this striking animation, the aged Morlaix lives as a mad recluse in a remote lighthouse. When a disfigured sailor is sent to join him, a lifetime’s worth of pain and fear resurfaces as a storm brews over the sea.
Forced to care for her catatonic lover Malcolm after a secret quantum experiment goes awry, Erin is determined to uncover the cause of his condition — even at the risk of her own life. This riveting contemporary science-fiction story, from one of the writers of Orphan Black, bridges alternate dimensions as it explores how far a person will go for someone they love.
Kajutaijuq: The Spirit That Comes
In this combination of folk tale and thriller, a hunter in the Arctic wilderness tries to live by the traditional survival skills passed on to him by his grandfather — but these lessons are difficult for a modern man to apply, and the price of failure can be costly. Scott Brachmayer’s Kajutaijuq raises provocative questions about tradition, knowledge, and adaptation.
Having witnessed his sister Sahar’s rebellious attitude towards their conservative parents, obedient young Nadim ignores her pleas to let her into the house when she returns late in the night — which triggers a chain of events leading to a police interrogation days later. This is a riveting and revealing domestic drama that foregoes moralizing as it examines a pressing contemporary issue.
A Tomb with a View
Elevating its departed occupants considerably closer to heaven rather than entombing them six feet under, Memorial Necropole Ecumenica is the world’s tallest cemetery. Towering proudly alongside its fellow skyscrapers in the expansive São Paulo skyline, this one-of-a-kind mausoleum and its equally unique owner celebrate the high life in the afterlife.
What Doesn't Kill You
As their car burns on a remote road in the aftermath of a horrific accident, three bullied high school boys discover that they possess unique abilities. An inventive premise and well-honed script comes to life through the compelling performances of the film’s young leads
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 4” (2014 short films directed by Alain Fournier, Tony Elliott, Scott Brachmayer, Alexander Farah, Ryan J. Noth, Rob Grant)
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Runtime1:19 (79min)
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