Short Cuts Canada: Programme #4  [2012]
DirectorJeremy Ball, Sophie Jarvis, Elizabeth Lazebnik, Jeanne Leblanc, Ashley McKenzie, Reem Morsi, Kelvin Redvers
Frost, Jeremy Ball, ON, 13’ World Premiere
An epic sci-fi thriller, Frost follows Nava, a young arctic hunter determined to prove her skills by embarking on a dangerous search for scarce food. At the edge of the known territory, she makes a discovery that will call for her to win the battle in a new world.
Safe Room, Elizabeth Lazebnik, ON, 11’ World Premiere
This semi-autobiographical film is about a young woman living in Canada who remembers her experiences of sitting in the safe room with her family in Israel during the Gulf War.
Their Feast (Waleematehom), Reem Morsi, BC, 20’ World Premiere
Following the Egyptian revolution of 2011, a mother and her children prepare a celebratory meal for the return of the eldest son who is being released from a National Security prison.
When You Sleep, Ashley McKenzie, NS, 12’ World Premiere
An unwanted pregnancy is holding together an unstable teen couple. When You Sleep is an assured, fearless account of youth heading straight for a life where they feel trapped.
The Dancing Cop, Kelvin Redvers, BC, 7’ World Premiere
A musical satire tackling the politics of native people in urban centres, The Dancing Cop defies typical social commentary by mirroring the bubbling civic tension between citizens and the powers at play. When a man is wrongly accused of theft and cornered by an overly zealous cop, the latter performs a frighteningly cheery song and dance.
The Worst Day Ever Sophie Jarvis, BC, 11’ World Premiere
Bernard can't quite seem to get it right today. Although he tries his hardest, he never fails to disappoint those around him — causing accidents left, right and centre.
Sullivan’s Applicant, Jeanne Leblanc, QC, 11’ North American Premiere
On her way to a job interview in downtown Montreal, Lucy is bogged down by clogged cars, a nagging mother and a potential life crisis. Yet, amidst the oppressive traffic and pushy city pulse, she makes a connection with a perfect stranger.
2012 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME #4” (2012 short films directed by Jeremy Ball, Elizabeth Lazebnik, Reem Morsi, Ashley McKenzie, Kelvin Redvers, Sophie Jarvis, Jeanne Leblanc)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:21 (81min)
***˝   Pressplus1
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