Short Cuts Canada: Programme 4  [2010]
Interregnum, Trenches, Wapawekka, Woman Waiting, Living History, Manèges, Closer You Get To Canada
DirectorJohn Bolton, Antoine Bourges, Claude Cloutier, Isaac Cravit, Nick Fox-Gieg, Danis Goulet, Sophie Goyette
Interregnum, Nick Fox-Gieg
As a Nazi-occupied France has a population under threat, one man’s attempt to thwart a corrupted system shapes a dramatic sequence of events.
Trenches, Claude Cloutier
Trench warfare is brought to harrowing life as Claude Cloutier creates a high-stakes world of physical and psychological dangers, by animating archival images with India ink.
Wapawekka, Danis Goulet
Josh and his father visit their family cottage for the last time. They are leaving their traditional Cree territory, but Josh has already adopted an urban lifestyle and finds it hard to relate to his heritage.
Woman Waiting, Antoine Bourges
A middle-aged woman searches for a place to live in Vancouver. The system should be there to assist her, but amidst all the red tape of applications and waiting periods, she longs for human help.
Living History, Isaac Cravit
Living History follows a father and his teenaged son as they make their way to the annual reenactment of the Upper Canada Rebellion.
MANÈGES, Sophie Goyette
Trying to avoid some big decisions, Nadège spends a restless night at an arcade and go-kart track.
Closer You Get to Canada, John Bolton
Adapted from Thomas King’s darkly comic story, two old friends trapped in a futuristic American seniors’ residence try to escape to Canada
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 4” (2010 short films directed by Nick Fox-Gieg, Claude Cloutier, Danis Goulet, Antoine Bourges, Isaac Cravit, Sophie Goyette, John Bolton)
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