Short Cuts Canada Programme 3  [2013]
Candy, Der Untermensch, In Guns We Trust, Jimbo, Method, Portrait As A Random Act Of Violence, We Wanted More
DirectorCassandra Cronenberg, Stephen Dunn, Ryan Flowers, Kays Mejri, Nicolas Lévesque, Randall Okita, Gregory Smith
CastAngela Asher, Katie Boland, Sarain Boylan, Cassandra Cronenberg, Drew Deveaux, Shawn Doyle, Ryan Flowers, Matt Gordon, Christine Horne, Robert Jones, Ruth Kavanagh, Beverley Kolbe, Jimmy Leung, Randall Okita, Marc Di Saverio, Lucas Silveria, Simon Vermeulen, Skyler Wexler
Performance is at the centre of this daring programme of boundary-pushing shorts that explore questions of history, politics, and identity.
Candy, Cassandra Cronenberg
Touching on love, sex, money, and art, Cassandra Cronenberg directs this formally daring inventory of human transactions, which tracks a young woman’s journey through an intoxicating sleepless night.
Der Untermensch, Kays Mejri
Staged against minimalist backdrops and accompanied by a hypnotic original score, Kays Mejr’s highly cinematic contemporary dance film depicts the persecution of homosexuals at the hands of the Third Reich.
In guns we trust, Nicolas Lévesque
Nicolas Lévesque’s short-form documentary introduces viewers to Kenneswa, Georgia, where firearm ownership is not only a constitutional right, but also a legally-codified obligation.
Jimbo, Ryan Flowers
Ryan Flowers directs this charming documentary account of his friendship with Jimmy Leung, who dreams of becoming the next James Cameron despite his daily struggles with mental illness.
Method, Gregory Smith
This highly suspenseful drama from actor-director Gregory Smith depicts an interrogator’s efforts to extract a confession under the intense scrutiny of his superior.
Portrait as a Random Act of Violence, Randall Okita
Evoking themes of protest, destruction, and resurrection, this beguiling new work from visual artist Randall Okita transposes three-dimensional kinetic sculptures to the cinema screen.
We Wanted More, Stephen Dunn
In this breathtaking psychological thriller from director Stephen Dunn, a singer descends into personal crisis on the eve of her first world tour.
2013 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 3” (2013 short films directed by Cassandra Cronenberg, Kays Mejri, Nicolas Lévesque, Ryan Flowers, Gregory Smith, Randall Okita, Stephen Dunn)
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Runtime1:21 (81min)
LanguageEnglish, French
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