Short Cuts Canada: Programme #3  [2012]
DirectorMike Clattenburg, Sophie Goyette, Marie-Eve Juste, Dusty Mancinelli, Charles Officer, Dylan Reibling, Ben Shirinian, Martin Thibaudeau
100 Musicians, Charles Officer, ON, 8’ World Premiere
100 Musicians is a sensual and intimate film. It is a hazy summer night in Kensington market. Sydney and June are in bed, in the afterglow of making love. The tender moment slowly culminates into a social/political quarrel over what they hear on the radio.
With Jeff (Avec Jeff, à moto), Marie-Eve Juste, QC, 14’ North American Premiere
Nyduia is a Haitian Montreal teenager who spends her time going to school, hip-hop dancing, tending to the house and secretly reading poetry. Wanting to shake up her life, she accepts a date invitation from Jeff, a notorious player.
Reflexions Martin Thibaudeau, QC, 5’ World Premiere
A graveside funeral service sets the scene for what becomes an increasingly disturbing and fascinating piece of storytelling where looking beyond the surface of things reveals the deceased’s life before death.
Model, Dylan Reibling, ON, 4’
Part two of Dylan Reibling's Dead Media trilogy, Model is a playful and ultra-designed look at the threat of obsoletion of a meticulous human workforce.
Lost In Motion, Ben Shirinian, ON, 2.5’
A dancer freed from costumes, sets and possibly the laws of gravity takes flight in a solo performance, soaring through the air with grace and power. Choreographed and performed by Guillaume Côté, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, every pirouette and jeté showcases his talent in a way that audiences have never seen.
The Near Future (Le futur proche), Sophie Goyette, QC, 18’ Toronto Premiere
Ethereal aerial images of suburban sprawl, expressways and floating horizons frame this impressionistic portrait of Robin, a pilot who finds solace in his daily routines in order to delay the pain of recent news from his family overseas.
Broken Heart Syndrome, Dusty Mancinelli, ON, 16’ World Premiere
After being dumped by his girlfriend while making love, Russ is diagnosed with a rare disease known as BHS (Broken Heart Syndrome). His romance mocked at by a world that never comes to the rescue, Russ needs to find a cure.
Crackin’ Down Hard, Mike Clattenburg, NS, 10’
Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Nowhere is this more true than in the middle of the desert where a young man looking for some meditation and solitary hiking is confronted with a proposition that might be just too hard to resist. Mike Clattenburg’s irreverent sense of humour is showcased in this cautionary and ludicrously funny tale about succumbing to primal urges and the power of suggestion.
2012 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME #3” (2012 short films directed by Charles Officer, Marie-Eve Juste, Martin Thibaudeau, Dylan Reibling, Ben Shirinian, Sophie Goyette, Dusty Mancinelli, Mike Clattenburg)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:19 (79min)
***˝   Pressplus1
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