Short Cuts Canada: Programme 3  [2010]
Qu Da Hai De Lu Shang, Métropolitaine, Adder's Bite, Yesno, Warchild, High Level Bridge
DirectorTrevor Anderson, Tao Gu, Brian D. Johnson, Firas Momani, Caroline Monnet, Dan Popa
Qu Da Hai De Lu Shang, Tao Gu
On May 12, 2008, the largest earthquake in China’s history devastated the Wenchuan region. Director Tao Gu visits his parents’ home to capture the physical and emotional aftermath.
Métropolitaine, Dan Popa
At once an essay and an epic story where we never get to really meet the protagonist, La Métropolitaine conveys with grandeur that love can be everywhere and nowhere.
Adder's Bite, Firas Momani
On the surface, all is calm. In a dark and humid cavern, an abominable ceremony to which grotesque creatures devote themselves is interrupted by the arrival of an intruder. The piercing short The Adder's Bite, inspired by the bold ideas of Nietzsche, is a visual poem that disturbs and mesmerizes.
Yesno, Brian D. Johnson
Adapting esteemed poet Dennis Lee’s recent collection of poetry, film-critic-cum- filmmaker Brian Johnson creates a vivid visual language to lift Lee’s words off the page.
Warchild, Caroline Monnet
On a solitary portage between the barren wilderness and a desolate city, a young man reflects on his troubled past and hopeful future.
High Level Bridge, Trevor Anderson
Edmonton’s High Level Bridge has a morbid notoriety; it’s a frequent spot for suicides. Anderson pays homage to the people and events surrounding an odd landmark
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 3” (2010 short films directed by Tao Gu, Dan Popa, Firas Momani, Brian D. Johnson, Caroline Monnet, Trevor Anderson)
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