Short Cuts Canada Programme 3  [2009]
Runaway, Pointless Film, Man V. Minivan, Soap, Homeland Security, The Island, Deadman
DirectorTrevor Anderson, Isaac Cravit, Dusty Mancinelli, Spencer Maybee, Chelsea McMullan, Peter Wellington
CastRobert Calwell, Oliver Dennis, David Kinsman, Caitlin Mulqueen, David Reale, Juana Samper, Rachel Wilson
Runaway - Cordell Barker
Award-winning animator Cordell Barker brings us this zany and sumptuously animated tale about a reckless train ride. Gleeful passengers cavort to the jaunty jazz score of Benoît Charest, oblivious to trouble ahead. But when the driver disappears and a madcap scramble for fuel ensues, this careless ride turns darkly funny, becoming a cynical, and prescient, metaphor for our modern world.
Pointless Film - Peter Wellington
Canadians’ awkward inability to haggle is humorously played out in this comedic short film. Through give-and-take dialogue, Oliver Dennis and Noam Jenkins sell their performances as relentless negotiators. In the end, one questions if anyone really wins when it comes to the purchase of a used futon.
Man v. Minivan - Spencer Maybee
Shane’s future brother-in-law thinks a visit to a strip club is the best way for Shane to start his wedding day. Upon receiving the pre-nuptial gift of a minivan from his in-laws and a series of questions from an unlikely source, the groom is led to a comedic case of cold feet. Great performances and sharp writing deliver new life to a familiar formula in this wedding farce.
Soap - Dusty Mancinelli
Eileen is an unhappily married stay-at-home mom with a muscled lover on the side. After a surprise twist ruins an afternoon tryst, her simple solution for the predicament hits a few snags. With a nod to the Coen brothers, and nostalgically set in the eighties, Soap uses dark humour to relay its tale of a woman forced to take control of her life.
Homeland Security - Isaac Cravit
Concerned about the fidelity of his wife, customs agent Phil takes out his frustration on a group of young ladies heading south of the border for a bachelorette party. This dark comedy reveals the ills of paranoia in an age when everything can seem suspect.
The Island - Trevor Anderson
Where should all the gays go? To an island, says a homophobic piece of “fan mail” written to Trevor Anderson, an independent gay filmmaker living in Alberta. Trudging through the snow, Anderson ironically muses that perhaps a “fantasy island” for gay people isn’t such a bad idea. Through colourful animations, he imagines a world free from discrimination.
Deadman - Chelsea McMullan
In the desert landscape of Deadman Creek, British Columbia, modern cowboy Matt Sandvoss is determined to resurrect the wild west by constructing a “ghost town.” Meanwhile, a First Nations resident, Gerald Carter, is equally committed to another vision of the west based on long-held Native traditions. Keenly observed and suffused with irony, this elegant documentary surveys a profound confrontation of ideologies.
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“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 3” (2009 short films directed by Cordell  Barker, Peter Wellington, Spencer Maybee, Dusty Mancinelli, Isaac Cravit, Trevor Anderson, Chelsea McMullan)
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