Short Cuts Canada: Programme 2  [2010]
Camera And Christopher Merk, File Under Miscellaneous, Lipsett Diaries, Sad Bear, Sophie Lavoie, Poudre
DirectorJeff Barnaby, Liz Van Allen Cairns, Brandon Cronenberg, Ky Nam Le Duc, Anne Émond, Joe LoBianco, Theodore Ushev
Camera and Christopher Merk, Brandon Cronenberg
Quiet Christopher Merk just found a new apartment. Getting to know his neighbours doesn’t require borrowing a cup of sugar; it means picking up the remote.
File Under Miscellaneous, Jeff Barnaby
Resigned to assimilate and shed his identity, a spiritually exhausted Mi’kmaq man visits a dystopian clinic.
Lipsett Diaries, Theodore Ushev
Deconstructing a visionary in experimental film, this animated documentary presents the incredible creativity and emotional tumult that defined filmmaker Arthur Lipsett’s life.
Sad Bear, Liz Van Allen Cairns, Joe LoBianco
Sad Bear collects people’s saddest objects to help them process past regrets. People are generally amenable to this, except for Steve, who can’t let go of his prized possession.
Sophie Lavoie, Anne Émond
Anne Émond delivers a stripped-down study of a young woman participating in a patient interview during her doctor’s appointment.
Poudre, Ky Nam Le Duc
Two young men, who have recently returned from military missions, struggle to reintegrate with civilian life while coping with the impact of their respective experiences
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 2” (2010 short films directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Jeff Barnaby, Theodore Ushev, Liz Van Allen Cairns, Joe LoBianco, Anne Émond, Ky Nam Le Duc)
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