Short Cuts Canada Programme 1  [2013]
Cochemare, Gloria Victoria, Pilgrims, Remember Me (mémorable Moi), The Sparkling River, Subconscious Password
DirectorJean-Francois Asselin, Marie Clements, Felix Lajeunesse, Chris Landreth, Chris Lavis, Paul Raphaël, Maciek Szczerbowski, Theodore Ushev
CastLorne Cardinal, Tantoo Cardinal, Victoria Diamond, John Dilworth, Kevin Loring, Jessica Matten, Don McKellar, Niall McNeil, Sylvie De Morais, Sylvie Moreau, Emile Proulx-Cloutier, Song Qizhen, Bradley Stryker, Debbie Wong, Jesse Zubot
Intergalactic monkeys, unwelcome tourists, the fear of forgetfulness, and 3D animation from Academy Award winners and nominees fill out this visually spectacular and completely unconventional package of shorts — best seen on the big screen.
Cochemare, Maciek Szczerbowski, Chris Lavis
Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Madame Tutli-Putli) direct this astounding 3D blend of live-action and animation, which introduces viewers to fantastical creatures and equally exotic settings.
Gloria Victoria, Theodore Ushev
Theodore Ushev’s acclaimed 20th century trilogy concludes with this brilliant fusion of 3D and Russian constructivist-styled animation.
Pilgrims, Marie Clements
Tantoo Cardinal (Dances With Wolves) and Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) star in this satirical thriller about a German who travels to Canada to commune with nature and experience First Nations culture.
Remember Me (Mémorable moi), Jean-Francois Asselin
This tragicomic look at narcissism in the social media age relates one man’s desperate struggle to make sure he remains on people’s minds, lest he actually seek to exist.
The Sparkling River, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël
A singular 3D drama that incorporates elements of mystery and science-fiction, this intriguing account of an unlikely encounter between a hermetic farmer and a young woman defies conventional classification.
Subconscious Password, Chris Landreth
Academy Award-winner Chris Landreth directs this playfully surreal 3D sojourn into the mind of a man struggling to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting a fellow party guest’s name.
2013 Screening Schedule
“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 1” (2013 short films directed by Maciek Szczerbowski and Chris Lavis, Theodore Ushev, Marie Clements, Jean-Francois Asselin,  Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Chris Landreth)
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Runtime1:11 (71min)
LanguageEnglish, French, Mandarin
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