Short Cuts Canada: Programme 1  [2010]
How To Rid Your Lover Of A Negative Emotion Caused By You! / Above The Knee / Fine Young Man / Old Ways / Vapor / Turkey / Home: Life Advice
DirectorGreg Atkins, Kevan Funk, Nadia Litz, Kaveh Nabatian, Sara St. Onge, Aaron Phelan, Michael Vass
How to Rid your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You! Nadia Litz
Like any other couple, Sadie and Dennis have problems. Will Sadie’s trust issues remain insurmountable, or will she finally decide to open up?
Above the Knee, Greg Atkins
Jack’s suit-and-tie career never quite fit. As he summons the courage to dress for the job he wants, he risks changing the way his co-workers and his wife see and treat him.
Fine Young Man, Kevan Funk
Pete – with his perfect job, perfect home and perfect wife – seems to epitomize the American Dream. But is his life really so spotless?
Old Ways, Michael Vass
When a judge sentences a child to the death penalty, the court mitigates a public relations crisis with an elaborate and dubious scheme.
Vapor, Kaveh Nabatian
In this stunning portrait of a shattered psyche, a Mexican man begins to understand his life when he confronts his own deep-seated phobias.
Turkey, Sara St. Onge
Ally is doing her best to accommodate her husband, two stepdaughters and her husband’s ex-wife for a Thanksgiving dinner, but even she has her limit.
Home: Life Advice, Aaron Phelan
A young woman works at a retirement home where an elderly man makes scathing comments about her appearance
“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 1” (2010 short films directed by Nadia Litz, Greg Atkins, Kevan Funk, Michael Vass, Kaveh Nabatian, Sara St. Onge, Aaron Phelan)
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