Short Cuts Canada Programme 1  [2009]
La Chute, My Toxic Baby, Tungijuq, The Spine, Swimming Lesson
DirectorCaitriona Cantillon, Felix Lajeunesse, Chris Landreth, Min Sook Lee, Paul Raphael
CastMarie-Ève Bertrand, Amy Connolly, Uriel Isaac Emahel, Eve, Lesley Hibberd
La Chute - Ivan Grbovic
Marie, an elementary school teacher, suspects a student has been abused at home. Her judgment clouded by tensions in her marriage and her own desire to be a mother, Marie makes decisions that are more personal than professional. In this vivid performance, actress Marie-Ève Bertrand capitalizes on every moment onscreen, creating empathy for a woman whose needs are unfulfilled and whose loneliness goes unnoticed.
My Toxic Baby - Min Sook Lee
BPA. Lead. Melamine. Documentary filmmaker Min Sook Lee brings us this intimate and alarming look at the numerous toxins found in a baby’s products and environment. As a new mom, Lee shares her anxieties as she struggles to protect her young daughter, Song Ji, from our chemical world. Urgent, emotional and highly personal, Lee’s documentary is essential viewing for new and expecting parents.
Tungijuq - Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael
The cycle of life is revealed in a pulsing rhythm as Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq turns from animal to human to seal and then back again. Tungijuq, which co-stars Zacharias Kunuk, is a charged meditation on the Inuit seal hunt and the claim for sovereignty over traditional practices.
The Spine - Chris Landreth
Academy Award-winner Chris Landreth ploys his signature style for his latest animation, creating a wholly original account of a co-dependent couples’ support group. Dan and Mary are facing very real issues. Their marriage having broken into tiny fragments, they must dig deep to tell their real story and rediscover the ties that brought them together in the first place.
Swimming Lesson - Caitriona Cantillon
Tensions build on a sunny afternoon as Kate, her sister Nicola and their mother go swimming. Kate swims circles around her mother, who is just learning to swim, taunting her and blaming her for everything wrong in her own life. Peace comes in a surprising form when the birthday girl, Nicola, delivers some unexpected news.
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“SHORT CUTS CANADA PROGRAMME 1” (2009 short films directed by Ivan  Grbovic, Min Sook Lee, Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, Chris Landreth, Caitriona Cantillon)
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LanguageEnglish, French
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