Seymour: An Introduction  [2014]
DirectorEthan Hawke
CastSeymour Bernstein
Ethan Hawke directs this intimate documentary portrait of classical pianist, composer, author, teacher and sage Seymour Bernstein.
Ethan Hawke: "It's about a piano maestro; he's a great teacher here in New York, 85 years old. I met him and was so moved by his insight into playing the piano and how it relates to how we all live our lives. And I thought he'd be a fun person for a documentary-- It's more of a portrait of a teacher, you know?
What is harmony? What is dissonance? Why should we practice? Why should we work hard, and what difference does it make when you play the right note or don't play the right note? He's a very deep guy. I was touched by him, and I thought he had a lot to teach me about acting, and then I slowly realized that the way he's talking about the piano relates to every profession. You know, it's like zen and the art of archery, or whatever.
If you study any one thing intensely enough--mechanics, building, sports, anything--the same principles apply about how to do it well. This guy's really a beautiful person, you just got to see it."
2014 Screening Schedule
“SEYMOUR: AN INTRODUCTION” (2014 feature film directed by Ethan Hawke)
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Runtime1:21 (81min)
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