Senza Nessuna Pieta  [2014]
Senza nessuna pietà, Senza Pietà
DirectorMichele Alhaique
CastPierfrancesco Favino, Greta Scarano
A loyal Mafia enforcer becomes a hunted man when he protects a beautiful young escort from his boss’ sadistic son.
Michele Alhaique's debut feature has the rawness of reality caught as it happens, in front of the camera. And through its protagonist, a great bear of a man, Senza nessuna pieta finds its heart among the downtrodden — ordinary people who ultimately want little more than respect and freedom.
Senza nessuna pieta avoids cliché and sentimentality, hanging itself on Pierfrancesco Favino's gruff performance as Mimmo and Greta Scarano as Tanya. She may be far too beautiful for him, but as they are thrown together Alhaique instills their unlikely relationship with real gravitas. The camerawork is fresh and lively, hovering around the characters with the right degrees of distance and intimacy, and the film has a fine sense of setting. Nothing feels out of place, everything is perfectly judged, and, as the action plays out, Alhaique moves us through a series of very different — and very powerful — emotions.
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“SENZA NESSUNA PIETÀ” (2014 feature film directed by Michele Alhaique)
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Runtime1:33 (93min)
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