The Secret Scripture  [2016]
DirectorJim Sheridan
CastEric Bana, Theo James, Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Reynor, Aidan Turner
A once vibrant and lively beauty in her youth, Roseanne McNulty has spent the majority of her adult life confined to a mental hospital in rural Ireland. She has been institutionalized for so long, no one seems to remember why she was hospitalized in the first place. When a new chief psychiatrist takes a keen interest in her, he finds a hidden memoir she has written over the course of decades. It unravels the mystery of her incarceration, telling the tale of her passionate, yet tortured, life.
2016 Screening Schedule
“THE SECRET SCRIPTURE” (2016 feature film directed by Jim Sheridan)
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Runtime1:48 (108min)
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