The Secret Of Moonacre  [2008]
DirectorGabor Csupo
CastTim Curry, Ioan Gruffudd, Natascha McElhone, Dakota Blue Richards, Juliet Stevenson
Thirteen-year-old orphan Maria Merryweather is sent away to live with her uncle, Sir Benjamin, in the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There Maria uncovers the dark truth about the ancient curse that has nourished a destructive feud for centuries. She must find a set of magical pearls before the next full moon to undo the curse and save Moonacre Valley from disaster. Aided by a stable of wonderful characters and fantastical beasts, Maria sets out to bring peace to this magical world. Based on the acclaimed book The Little White Horse.
2008 Screening Schedule
Varsity Cinema
[map]   1318V3
“THE SECRET OF MOONACRE” (2008 feature film directed by Gabor Csupo)
Audience buzzZ----
CountryFrance, Hungary, United Kingdom
***   MovieMoxie
Thelittlewhitehorse (official)
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