Second Coming  [2014]
DirectorDebbie Tucker Green
CastIdris Elba, Kai Francis-Lewis, Nadine Marshall, Sharlene Whyte
Jackie is pregnant and knows it’s not her husband Mark’s. She says she’s slept with nobody else. Mark and their son JJ don't know what to say. Second Coming follows this family over a year as they navigate their way through the aftermath of an unexplained pregnancy.
Green, last at the Festival in 2011 with Random, spins this conceit into a social-realist family portrait grounded in the textures and off-handed banter of everyday life. She directs the proceedings with stylistic sophistication and a subtlety that borders on the oblique.
Bolstered by the outstanding performances of Marshall and Elba, Second Coming is a provocative, allegorically loaded conversation-starter that you won't soon forget.
2014 Screening Schedule
“SECOND COMING” (2014 feature film directed by Debbie Tucker Green)
Audience buzz-----
Runtime1:45 (105min)
CountryUnited Kingdom
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